About GET ME IN! Fees

We work hard to make purchases via GET ME IN! safe, simple and secure. We offer our customers a convenient, hassle-free way of buying tickets that may be unavailable elsewhere by connecting them with sellers. We back every transaction with our pioneering Fan Guard Moneyback Guarantee.

While a transaction may look and feel simple (we work hard to make it so), purchases on a marketplace like GET ME IN! are actually quite complicated. Unlike a typical retail transaction, there are three parties involved here: the buyer, the seller, and us in the middle making sure the whole thing goes off without a hitch.

Our order fee covers all the things going on in the background; we operate a cutting-edge website and, on the people front, have a dedicated UK-based call centre in Manchester and a sizeable team here in our London HQ dealing with sellers on your behalf. Of course, as with any online transaction the credit card companies also want their cut, and let’s not forget that all important Fan Guard Moneyback Guarantee. The vast majority of our customers have no need to call on that, but for the rare few that do, you can book confidently knowing that you’ll never be out of pocket if your tickets don’t come through, we cover that.

We are able to do all of the above and keep our fees competitive. A growing customer base suggests buyers see the value in the service that we provide and choose to come back and book with us again.
To keep things simple, all our fees are calculated on a per order basis, we don’t know how many tickets you want to buy which obviously affects the total cost of your order. We’ve provided a calculator below that allows you to work out what order fee will apply. Just add the total price of all the tickets you want to purchase and click ‘Calculate’. All fees are clearly displayed on the purchase page so you’ll have a chance to review before you complete any order with us.

Delivery Fees

Our tickets are sent via secure, tracked and signed-for courier or via email to ensure they are delivered promptly and safely from the seller to you. If you’re in the UK, you’ll pay £10.57 to have your tickets delivered. For electronic tickets, an administration fee of £2.40 will be required. For customers booking from overseas, delivery fees vary depending on your location.


Order Fee (added when you checkout)

  • An order fee of £ (including VAT) will apply