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Edinburgh Military Tattoo Tickets

Edinburgh Military Tattoo Tickets

Edinburgh Military Tattoo

The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo takes place throughout August at Edinburgh Castle. See the spectacular displays this summer with tickets now on sale.
The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo
Updated: 22 July 2015

The 66th Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo, considered the highlight of the Edinburgh Festivals, will take place at Edinburgh Castle throughout August.

The annual event will run from 7 to 29 August. Performances will take place daily from Monday to Friday with two shows held on Saturdays. There are no shows on Sundays.

The dazzling display will take place against the stunning backdrop of Edinburgh Castle and will combine music, theatre, ceremony and dance. This year the theme of the tattoo is ‘East Meets West’ and is set to showcase performers from four continents.

About The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo

The annual Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo is performed against Edinburgh Castle’s majestic backdrop throughout the summer as part of the Edinburgh Festivals calendar.

The Tattoo sees fans travel from all over the world to Edinburgh Castle to witness the stunning displays, while the show itself echoes that global spirit as the Edinburgh Military Tattoo features performers from around the world. Over 46 countries have participated in the Tattoo throughout its 60+ years.

A big favourite of the Tattoo is the performance of the Lone Piper on top of the imposing walls of Edinburgh Castle. Performing at the end of each Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo performance, the Lone Piper’s haunting notes of The Black Bear ring across the area as the cast march off Edinburgh Castle’s esplanade.

In 2010, the queen awarded the Tattoo with a Royal title to celebrate the 60 years that it has been in existence. Thus, it became the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo.

The Tattoo will last for approximately 1.5 hours and will end with a fantastic fireworks display, subject to weather conditions. Performances from 17 to 21 August will be recorded by the BBC to be aired worldwide at a later date.

Secure your 2015 Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo tickets now and enjoy an evening of dazzling performances.


Edinburgh Military Tattoo Tickets - United Kingdom

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Edinburgh Military Tattoo Tickets

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