Eddie Izzard Set To Play In Treasure Island Sequel
01 May 2012
Eddie Izzard Set To Play In Treasure Island Sequel
Comedian Eddie Izzard is starring in the classic story, Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson, while Elijah Wood star (as Ben Gunn) and Donald Sutherland (as Flint).

He revealed that he will be playing the part of Long John Silver in the film adaptation which is due out 5th May 2012 for a special one off screening of the show.

Eddie Izzard also let slip that there may be further plans for more adaptations; "One has to be careful. I can't reel off a list of sequels to literary classics that have done well, but that won't stop us. We're already working on it.”

He spilt the beans to TVguide.co.uk "Only four of us are left alive at the end of this one (first film), but there are new places we can go, especially with the relationship between Jim (Hawkins) and Long John. They're buddies, they're foes, they're like mentor and student or father and son. Long John loves Jim but is also prepared to kill him. I think they have big adventures ahead."

The funny man has yet to announce any tour dates as of yet, but has turned to acting to fill in the time.