Chelsea Flower Show Goes Eco Mad
08 May 2012
Chelsea Flower Show Goes Eco Mad
It’s not long to go until the 2012 RHS Chelsea Flower Show kicks off for another year of fabulous celebrations of all things horticultural!

The importance of the ‘green environment’ is always at the forefront of everyone’s mind, and this year’s Chelsea Flower Show has an ‘urban greening’ area which shows how people living in the City can make the most of their green plots.

Leeds University will be on call to show visitors how to compose an ecosystem-compatible garden and demonstrate how we can all help to save the environment.

The Royal College of Pathologists will also be there to show how plants can help with remedies for everyday allergies and be able to answer any questions they have. University of Reading scientists have used plants to help reduce temperatures, control flooding and capture pollution while The Society for General Microbiology are looking into much wider issues: how to solve world hunger.

Prof Brown hopes it will help both to rid bacteria and fungi of their dirty reputation and to make people aware of their importance in the fight against global hunger and food insecurity. ‘Farmers and gardeners need to be aware that micro-organisms can promote good plant growth and high yields of crop production, with low agricultural inputs,’ he added.

‘Bacteria and fungi are not just responsible for plant, animal and human disease.

‘In the long term, we hope that research aimed at a fuller understanding of the role of soil micro-organisms will allow us to produce healthy crops in a wider range of locations, such as in poor soils or drought areas, and that the results of this research will be widely implemented to solve the problems of food shortage and climate change.’

Don’t miss the opportunity to explore this amazing part of the show and see how we can really change the world we live in! The Chelsea Flower Show is taking place 22-26th May 2012.

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