Iron Maiden and Metallica to headline Sonisphere festival
02 Dec 2013
Iron Maiden and Metallica to headline Sonisphere festival
Rock Legends Iron Maiden and Metallica will co-headline Sonisphere festival in 2014 making festival history.

Two of the biggest metal bands will join forces this summer to headline Sonisphere festival in Knebworth.

The festival, taking place on 4-6 July, will be the first time Iron Maiden and Metallica have co-headlined together at Sonisphere.

It will also be the only time both bands are playing in the UK in 2014 - making it truly unmissable for metal fans.

Iron Maiden’s appearance will end their Maiden England world tour. Vocalist Bruce Dickinson said, “We have tweaked the Maiden England set list a bit to make it more representative of our whole 80s era and to give the fans something a bit different, especially as this will be the last of our three tours with an historical perspective.

“It really is an honor and privilege to return to play there with the purpose of celebrating some of the finest moments in British rock history. You can be sure we will do our utmost to give our fans one hell of a show and go out with all guns blazing.”

Metallica headlined the festival in 2009, which is when Sonisphere first started. Frontman Lars Ulrich said, “This just works on all fronts: Metallica and Knebworth, Metallica by Request, Metallica and Iron Maiden. Considering the iconic bands whose performances at Knebworth are part of rock and roll history, it’s not only a next level honor, but a somewhat humbling undertaking.

“Add the cherry on top…co-headlining with Iron Maiden, who are a big reason that Metallica exists in the first place. Although we haven’t played together on the same day since 1988, this is the closest we’ve come for 25 years, and for all our fans who share the same love for Iron Maiden as we, the band members do, this will hopefully amount to what many rock fans would consider a dream bill.”

Fans are in for a further treat as they’ll be in control of Metallica’s set list. Fans will be able to vote for their favourite tracks and the top 17 will be played. Metallica will choose the 18th, which is promised to be a new track.

The union of the bands sees Sonisphere return with a bang after its two year absence from the UK.

Sonisphere festival, which started in 2009, takes place over several countries across Europe. In 2012 Sonisphere cancelled the festival due to difficulties in co-ordinating the festival, despite releasing a line-up of Queen + Adam Lambert, Kiss and Faith No More.

Knebworth has been home to some of the biggest rock concerts in the world for 40 years including performances from Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin.