10 things you should know about the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo
10 Dec 2013
10 things you should know about the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo
Whether you’re a regular or if you’re just thinking about attending the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo for the first time, here are 10 things to know about the festival!

1) The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo has only been Royal for three years.
It was in 2010 when the Queen awarded the Tattoo with the Royal title to celebrate 60 years in existence.

2) It’s a global affair.
The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo has seen over 46 countries taking part in the performance.

3) A performance has never been cancelled.
It officially started 63 years ago in 1950. Throughout the years, no performance has ever been cancelled and with the weather in Scotland this is quite an achievement.

4) It is considered to be the highlight of the Edinburgh Festivals.
The tattoo is part of the mass of festivals that take place in Edinburgh and it is considered to be the best with reviews saying that it is ‘breath-taking’, ‘wonderfully Scottish’ and ‘amazing’.

5) The Tattoo has sold out for fifteen years in a row.
Last year the tattoo sold out, which made it the fifteenth year to do so. The main themes of last year’s festival was The Year of Natural Scotland and Our Wonderful World.

6) It’s set to the backdrop of Edinburgh Castle.
Every year the festival is performed in front of Edinburgh Castle with the Lone Piper performing at the end of each Tattoo on top of the walls of the castle.

7) It has been televised in more than 30 countries.
The Tattoo is broadcast to more than 30 countries, which means that over 100milillion people watch the event. In the UK, the BBC broadcast the festival with added commentary.

8) Around 217,000 people see the tattoo live each year.
Thousands of people travel to Edinburgh each year to see the Military Tattoo with around 30% of the audience from overseas.

9) It has toured oversees.
The Edinburgh Military Tattoo visited New Zealand in 2000, Australia in 2005 and again in 2010.

10) It’s part of the six major festivals that take place over August.
During August, Edinburgh comes alive with numerous festivals. The most notable ones are The Edinburgh Festival Fringe, The Edinburgh Art Festival, Edinburgh International Book Festival, Edinburgh Mela and The Edinburgh International Festival. However, there are more than six festivals in total.

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