Janet Jackson In Tears On US TV
15 Feb 2011
Janet Jackson In Tears On US TV
Janet Jackson broke down in tears on US Television where Michael Jackson’s youngest sister was promoting her latest book, “True You.”

Janet Jackson talked about her upbringing and childhood memories of her siblings and father, Joe Jackson’s strong rule over the Jackson family.

Janet also admitted she was missing her late brother, Michael Jackson and is still thinking of him on a daily basis. Janet talked about her and Michael’s close relationship and revealed his last words between them. “I said, 'I love you', he said, 'I love you too, Dunk. Dunky fried chicken. It makes no sense. Michael was always silly like that.”

Janet Jackson has a busy schedule this year. While promoting her latest book, “True You,” the popstar is also on tour supporting her latest hits collection, last year’s “Number Ones – Up Close and Personal” over in the States, where Janet Jackson tickets are hot in demand.

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