Standing Ovation For Charlie Sheen
04 Apr 2011
Standing Ovation For Charlie Sheen
Charlie Sheen’s second show of his “Violent Torpedo Of Truth Tour” has received a warmer welcome than the tour’s launch night.

The sold-out crowd at Chicago’s Fox Theatre even gave Charlie Sheen a standing ovation, which prompted Sheen’s response “Detroit sucks.”

The troubled “Two and a Half Men” sitcom superstar is currently on tour through the US in a bit to put his story out and to cash in.

The controversial actor has also hinted at a “real classic” collaboration with Rap legend Snoop Dogg.

Charlie Sheen; maddog? genius? Or both? Fact is, Charlie Sheen tickets for his current US dates have become hot property, with many more US sold-out shows coming up and more than the possibility for more controversial Charlie Sheen tour stories to emerge over the next coming days and weeks.