Pearl Jam shave dreadlocks during US gig
12 Dec 2013
Pearl Jam shave dreadlocks during US gig
During a US gig Pearl Jam front man, Eddie Vedder, shaved of a fan’s dreadlocks live on stage.

The turn of events happened after Pearl Jam accepted a request for a song during their Spokane, US, gig.

NME reported that the fan offered to have the makeover by holding up a sign with his song request of Brain Of J.

A video shows the fan coming onto the stage and headbanging with his locks, which were longer than a metre, for one last time while Eddie sang Brain Of J with electric razor in hand.

The band continued to play Brain Of J while Eddie sat the fan down and began to shave off the boys locks.

After the song, Eddie returned to continue the job in hand, while Eddie played hairdresser and shaved of the dreadlocks, Pearl Jam continued to play.