Morrissey Compares Norway Killings To KFC and McDonalds
28 Jul 2011
Morrissey Compares Norway Killings To KFC and McDonalds
Morrissey never shies away of making bold, controversial statements but this time the ex-Smiths frontman might have gone too far.

Speaking from the stage at a recent concert in Warsaw, Poland, Morrissey told his devotees, “(The recent killings by Anders Breivik in Norway are) nothing compared to what happens in McDonald’s and Kentucky Fried Shit every day,” before launching into The Smiths’ classic “Meat is Murder.”

The outspoken indie icon and animal rights campaigner has been the centre of controversy in the past, refusing to perform at festivals that would not follow his requests of banning meat stalls and Morrissey famously called Chinese people a “sub-species” because of the treatment of animals in China.

Fans, typically dedicated to their idol, have been shocked and outraged by Morrissey’s statement, who has since refused to comment. quoted a fan saying, “I really don’t know if that is forgivable? Or of any use to the vegetarian cause?” and another, “The killing of children compared to KFC & McDonald’s?!!! What an asshole!”

The killer, Anders Breivik, is said to have listened to “Lux Aeterna” by Clint Mansell, formerly of 90’s grebo-dance outfit, Pop Will Eat Itself during his killing spree on a remote island in Norway last Friday, 22nd July.

A spokeperson has said, “Morrissey has decided not to comment any further as he believes his statement speaks for itself.”

What do you make of Morrissey’s latest gaffe?