Marion Are Back
28 Sep 2011
Marion Are Back
Marion are back! The original members have come together for the first time in 11 years.

Frontman Jamie Harding and guitarist Phil Cunningham have rejoined forces with lead guitarist, Phil Cunningham and original bassist Julian Phillips and are set to take on the (music) world once again.

Speaking to, Jamie Harding proclaimed, “If you need that Marion fix of style, glamour and violently beautiful songs, then we should meet soon on a dark night and I will tell you my story. You can tell all the doubters who listen to today’s bland and passionless music, ‘I Told You So!!!! Marion are tops!!!”

Marion came to an abrupt halt in the late 90’s due to Jamie Harding battling a drug addiction. Harding and Cunningham briefly revived Marion with new members in 2006 but the comeback was short lived when health issues prevented Jamie Harding from continuing.

The band released the critically acclaimed albums, “This World And Body” and the Johnny Marr (ex-The Smiths) produced “The Program” during the hazy days of Britpop. But despite excellent write-ups and a dedicated fanbase, Marion failed to achieve the chart success and popularity of some of their contemporaries, such as Suede or Pulp but for a brief moment during the 1990's the British music press hailed the Macclesfield 5-piece the next U2.

Lumped into the then burgeoning "The New Wave of New Wave" scene alongside These Animal Men, Elastica and S*M*A*S*H, Marion’s cinemascopic gloom laden, yet poppy tunes were much closer to Suede or The Verve and echoed the songwriting of The Smiths and Joy Division. Current bands, such as Editors or Interpol are not miles from what Marion tried to attempt back in the mid-90’s.

Check out the video below of Marion live at London's The Forum during a live concert back in 1995 and secure your Marion tickets now on GET ME IN! and see the band back together on stage.