Take That to reveal 2011 Stadium Tour
25 Oct 2010
Take That to reveal 2011 Stadium Tour
Take That are expected to unveil the highly-anticipated live dates and concert venues for their gargantuan 2011 stadium tour tomorrow, Tuesday 26th October at 10am.

Calling the world’s media to the swish Savoy Hotel in Central London, band members, Gary Barlow, Howard Donald, Jason Orange, Mark Owen and Robbie Williams are expected to announce a series of live stadium shows including concerts in the UK and Europe.

Take That are currently riding high in the charts with their current single, “Flood” taken off their latest studio album, “The Progress,” their first album together with Robbie Williams in 15 years.

Take That formed in the early 1990’s and set the format for 90’s boybands. Take That enjoyed unrivaled global success with their albums “Take That & Party’” “Everything Changes” but by the time 1995’s “Nobody Else” ruled the airwaves with singles such as “Back For Good” or “Never Forget,” founding band member, Robbie Williams left the band to pursue what would become a very success solo career.

Take That went into a hiatus the same year until Gary, Howard, Jason and Mark returned as rejuvenated and stronger as a four-piece to their fans with the album “Beautiful World” in 2006.

The accompanying live tour for the album and its follow-up, “The Circus” proved to be massive successes, taking the former boyband heart-throb heroes across the globe, playing in front of sold-out arenas everywhere.

Ever since Take That reformed in 2006, speculations and rumours circulated in the media and amongst fans that estranged band member, Robbie Williams would rejoin his old band mates. This year, the 15th anniversary of Robbie’s departure from the band, Take That’s millions of fans around the world where finally told that Robbie rejoined his old band on the new album and forthcoming Take That live tour.

Get ready for the big day tomorrow when we all will finally find out when Rabbie Williams and Take That hit the road next year.