Teary Eyed Beyonce Talks About Lonely Life On The Road
25 Nov 2010
Teary Eyed Beyonce Talks About Lonely Life On The Road
We all know and love Beyonce for her great voice, stunning looks and glamorous lifestyle. But Beyonce has now given revealing insight into her lonely life on the road while filming the documentary “I Am … World Tour,” which will air today on television across the US.

While filming in her hotel suite while on tour in China, Beyonce suddenly turns the camera on herself, revealing the R&B singer’s face without wearing make-up. A sad looking, teary-eyed Beyonce then asks "Why did God give me my talent, my gift, my family? I know you're not supposed to question God." The lonely R&B star, who is married to Jay-Z goes on, "I am here on a couch, in my sweat suit, with a very sweaty face. I want a pickle."

Beyonce denies being pregnant. "I will be one day. But I'm only 29," she tells.

The “I Am … World Tour” documentary and “I Am World Tour” live album follow Beyonce’s life on the road while promoting her last studio album, 2008’s multi-Platinum certified double-album, “I Am … Sasha Fierce.”

Beyonce is currently working on her forthcoming, as yet untitled new studio album, which is expected some time in 2011.