Courtney Love Reunites With Former Hole Members
16 Apr 2012
Courtney Love Reunites With Former Hole Members
The legendary mid-90’s line-up of Seattle Grunge rocker Hole reunited on stage for two songs.

Courtney Love surprised guests at a launch party to a documentary film last Friday, 13th April 2012, when the wife of the late Nirvana frontman took to the stage to rejoin her former Hole band mates Melissa Auf Der Maur, Eric Erlandson and Patty Schemel.

Former Hole bassist Melissa Auf Der Maur asked the crowd during the gig at one point: “Is there a lady in the house who wants to join us for a song? We’re waiting because apparently there’s a Miss World in the house.”

Courtney Love then appeared on stage and sang the Hole classic “Miss World” and a cover of the Wispers song “Over The Edge.”

The brief reunion lasted two songs and guests described the on stage vibes as friendly and happy. Could this be the beginning of a reunion?

The members of Hole have been going through a rollercoaster over the past two decades. Much spite erupted after Courney Love reformed Hole a few years ago but filled the band slots with hired musicians, with only Love herself as original band member.

Hole shot to fame with their 1994 album “Live Through This,” which featured the singles “Doll Parts,” “Violet” and the aforementioned song “Miss World.” Although Hole established their own strong fanbase, the band has often been accused of cashing in on the back of Love’s marriage to the Nirvana singer. The troubled marriage between Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain spun many headlines in the early 90’s until the tragic death of Kurt Cobain in April 1994.

Hole’s last album with original members in the line-up was 1998’s “Celebrity Skin.” Courtney Love resurrected Hole in 2010 for the release of the album “Nobody’s Daughter.” Songs for the album were originally written for a possible Love solo album. The subsequent tour stunned fans, when news broke Courtney Love was touring under the Hole name with none of the other original members in the band’s line-up.