Paul McCartney Tickets Controversy on Anniversary Of Lennons Death
09 Dec 2010
Paul McCartney Tickets Controversy on Anniversary Of Lennons Death
Paul McCartney enthused controversy when his tickets went on sale on the anniversary of John Lennon’s death.

Tickets for the former Beatles star’s intimate end-of-year shows in London and Liverpool went on sale yesterday. The choice of on sale date for the highly anticipated concerts seems to have been ill chosen and caused some controversy.

Yesterday, Wednesday 8th December was the day the pop world remembered the 30th anniversary of the death of John Lennon, Sir Paul McCartney’s former band mate in The Beatles. Mentally ill fan, Marc Chapman shot the former Beatles outside his flat at the Dakota building in New York City. The 8th December has since become the day music fans pay tribute to the influential musician, human-rights activist and peace campaigner.

Angry fans complaint about the badly chosen sell date with postings on Social Media sites, such as Twitter and Facebook. Especially Beatles fans in Liverpool voiced their anger. Liverpool is not just one of the two cities Paul will perform on his forthcoming live dates but, of course, is hometown of John Lennon and The Beatles.

Philip Coppell, Liverpool Beatles Tour Guide, spoke of a “crass mistake” to put the tickets on sale on this particular day. "Selecting 8th December as the release date for the Paul McCartney tickets amounts to crass misjudgement on the part of Paul's production company.” He explains, "Everyone involved with any aspect of The Beatles knows about this date and that fact that 2010 is the thirtieth anniversary of John's murder. (…) For the past year I've been dealing with TV crews and writers who have been working in Liverpool filming documentaries. (…) I'm sure Paul will be furious when he finds out that this terrible mistake has been made in his name. (…) Some kind of explanation or apology is due."

Paul McCartney is due to play his last shows of the year on 18th December at the London HMV Apollo in Hammersmith and performs on 20th December at The O2 Academy in Liverpool.

Fans have been looking forward seeing Paul McCartney’s homecoming gig in Liverpool. His London date is also a poignant moment for Sir Paul. The last time he performed at the Hammersmith Apollo Theatre, the HMV Apollo’s previous name, was 44 years ago, back in 1966 with The Beatles.

Fans can expect setlists filled with classic Beatles tunes. Tickets to see Paul McCartney play in such small venues would be the best Christmas present for many music fans ever.

Paul McCartney tickets for London HMV Apollo (18th December) and Liverpool O2 Academy (20th December) are still available through Ticketmaster’s GET ME IN! tickets marketplace.

Paul McCartney tickets London Hammersmith HMV Apollo (18th December)
Paul McCartney tickets Liverpool O2 Academy (20th December)