Cheryl Cole X Factor US Hopes Slammed
26 Jan 2011
Cheryl Cole X Factor US Hopes Slammed
Cheryl Cole’s hopes to break into the US received a setback after X Factor bosses voiced their concerns over Cheryl as judge on the US version of the popular TV franchise.

X Factor is set to launch in the US and the media giant is currently deciding on the panel of judges. Pop impresario and X Factor icon, Simon Cowell has put his weight behind Cheryl Cole and recently threatened to pull X Factor US if the production panel decides against Cheryl Cole but has now toned down, recognising the final decision on the panel of judges would be with the production executives in the US.

A popular judge with the UK audience, Cheryl has also a history in the spotlight as member of Girls Aloud before joining X Factor but lacks a similar status in the USA. X Factor's US executives are ideally looking for a current female American music celebrity and have their eyes fixed on the likes of Katy Perry and Rihanna.

A place on the X Factor US panel would gain the former Girls Aloud singer instant exposure and help launch Cheryl’s solo career efforts.

Who do you reckon would make an ideal judge for X Factor US?