BBC Proms Wallace and Gromit Interview
18 Jul 2012
BBC Proms Wallace and Gromit Interview
With the BBC Proms well underway, Ivan Hewett from The Telegraph interviewed Britain’s best loved plasticine figurines Wallace and Gromit. The pair will be unveiling ‘My Concerto in Ee’ on 29th July 2012 and he spoke to the duo about all things Prom-like.

Asked about being a fan of the BBC Proms, Wallace replied that he and Gromit had last year camped outside to get BBC Proms tickets with Bovril to keep them going.

The interview revealed that Wallace had a penchant for music by Edward Elgar and when questioned about how he keeps his sheet music up, Wallace replied by saying he uses his “..Semi-Quaver Time-Saver, and that puts the notes on the page while I put my feet up with a nice cup of tea”.

When asked on how the concert came about Wallace said that he had written a letter to “Sir Albert Hall” saying he was up for the challenge of composing some music and hey presto, The Wallace and Gromit Prom came about!

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