Will i am Wants To Develop Ipets Idea
05 Jul 2013
Will i am Wants To Develop Ipets Idea
Top music producer Will.i.am has spoken about his latest technological idea to create a robotic musical iPet, using technology similar to the iPhone’s Siri software.

Solo singer and top producer Will.i.am has been busy with his latest venture, a musical robot which he is hoping to get developed and produced by Christmas 2013.

Speaking to The Telegraph.co.uk he said about the invention: “I want to be able to talk to it. I want to be able to tell it, ‘Play this song, download it.’ I want to be able to tell it, ‘Put the next game on Tivo.’ I want this thing to rule my house.”

Will.i.am recently joined tech-consumer magazine Wired, as a guest writer, and explained how he came up with his ideas: “Last November I was walking through Harrods and I picked up a little stuffed animal. Right next to it was a speaker. Right next to that, there was a little MiFi wireless connector box.”

“I took a day off, got a stuffed animal, ripped it apart, stuck the MiFi connector in its head, sewed it up, put the speaker in his belly, sewed it up, put a freakin’ iPhone in his mouth. It’s my prototype for the next product- we’re working to have it for Christmas.”

Throughout his career, Will.i.am has helped developed the aspirations of young people who want to achieve the best in their life. He has donated £500,000 to the Prince’s Trust for science and engineering programmes in Brixton and east London.