Plan B Produces New Film Ill Manors
30 May 2012
Plan B Produces New Film Ill Manors
Rap and pop star Plan B (real name Ben Drew) has spent four years in the making of his new film Ill Manors.

Set in the backdrop of east London, Ill Manors depicts life on the mean streets of London and the lives of those on council estates who are struggling to survive with the constant threat of violence, poverty, drug dealing, prostitution and general hardship.

Plan B said of the film "This film is me talking about this shit that I'm also talking about in my music and as a human being. Stuff I think we need to address; we need to understand why these fucked-up things happen, so that we can educate ourselves going forward and try to prevent them from happening again, you know what I'm saying?

"A lot of people outside this environment don't believe it exists," he continues. "So in the film, rather than glamorise it, I'm trying to say to people this is the true, dark reality. This is what happens. It's not cool. No drug dealer really has the last laugh."

Famed for his hits “She Said” and “Stay Too Long” from his acclaimed album "The Defamation of Strickland Banks", Plan B will be bringing out an album with the same title which will be available to buy, and a single which was inspired by the London riots last summer.

You can watch Plan B perform as part of the Forestry Commission Concerts which are taking place across spectacular woodland locations around the country.

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