Fleetwood Mac Surprise Fans With New Album
01 May 2013
Fleetwood Mac Surprise Fans With New Album
Fleetwood Mac are back! In addition to the band’s highly anticipated World Tour (and not to mention highly sought-after Fleetwood Mac tickets!), Stevie Nicks, Lindsey Buckingham with founding members, Mick Fleetwood and John McVie have quietly released new material via Apple’s iTunes.

Extended Play

Simply titled “Extended Play”, the 4-track ‘mini’ album marks the first release of new material in a decade. The band has widely discussed the possibility of a new album but has shied from giving any further details.

So what does Fleetwood Mac sound like in 2013?

The four songs, Sad Angel, It Takes Time, Miss Fantasy and Without You, have been ‘in the making’ for a long time and one song, Without You in particular.

Without You was originally written by Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks back in 1973 and stems from a time prior of the pair joining Fleetwood Mac. The song has been revived and overhauled and fits beautifully to the brand-new tunes.

The three remaining songs on Extended Play are credited to Lindsey Buckingham and showcase the band’s signature pop/rock sound, not miles from their Rumors heydays.

At the time of writing Without You, Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham were not part of Fleetwood Mac but toured and recorded as a folk-duo under the moniker “Buckingham Nicks”.

Extended Play is Fleetwood Mac’s first new release in 10 years. The last regular album was 2003’s Say You Will, which reached #6 in the UK. The band’s commercial peak was between the years 1975 to 1987 when Fleetwood Mac sold in excess of 100 million albums across the globe. But the band’s appeal is far from fading. The demand for Fleetwood Mac tickets has been incredible wherever the band announced concerts this year.

Fleetwood Mac on tour in 2013

Some of the four songs have already been showcased at concerts of the band’s current tour in North America. Check out Without You and Sad Angel on YouTube below.

Fans of the band can look forward to see the band live in the UK later this year. Hear the band rip through the new songs, as well as all the band’s classics, such as Go Your Own Way, Little Lies, Rumors and many more.

If you haven’t bought your Fleetwood Mac tickets, you can still do so on Ticketmaster’s GET ME IN! online ticket market. Tickets are available for all Fleetwood Mac 2013 UK dates.

Fleetwood Mac : Without You (Live 2013)

Fleetwood Mac : Sad Angel (Live 2013)