Bill Wyman Finished With The Rolling Stones
15 May 2013
Bill Wyman Finished With The Rolling Stones
Ex Rolling Stones bass player Bill Wyman has vowed that he will no longer be performing with The Rolling Stones again, after he was only given a minor role in the 50 and Counting Tour, and said he had “better things to do”.

In a recent interview Bill Wyman admitted he was happy that his kids had seen him play live with The Rolling Stones, but didn’t believe going back was the right thing to do:

"I've always maintained that you can't go back to things, and they can never be the same. It's like a school reunion, or Tony Hancock's Army reunion. If you try to go back and have a relationship with someone, it doesn't work, and it's the same musically. It doesn't work. It was a one-off. Five minutes. OK, never again. No regrets, we're still great friends.”

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