One Direction tickets and Olly Murs Album Hot Stuff The US
23 May 2013
One Direction tickets and Olly Murs Album Hot Stuff The US
Britain has reclaimed the crown of pop in the US. Olly Murs goes Top-5 in the US and One Direction tickets are hot in demand by American music fans.

Brit Invasion: From The Beatles to One Direction

40 years on from the original British pop invasion in the 1960’s led by The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and The Kinks, a new generation, likes of One Direction, Marina and The Diamonds and Olly Murs has broken into the hearts of American pop fans. OneDirection tickets and Olly Murs new album are much in demand and Primadonnastar, Marina and The Diamonds current US tour with up-and-coming Charlie XCX support is playing her biggest US tour to date at sold-out venue across North America.

Olly Murs Owes US Success To One Direction

Olly Murs, whose last album Right Place Right Time crashed into the Top-5 of the US iTunes charts, has been quoted he owes his stateside chart success in largechunks to good timing and being chosen as tour support on a previous tour for fellow talent show contestants One Direction.

The Essex-born singer believes that timing and in particular the changed technological landscape since the arrival of Social Media has helped push him to the US audience.

“Technology has changed with social media, Twitter and YouTube,” says Olly Murs ”Without that I don’t think I’d ever be able to have impact.”

But the Heart Skips A Beat star also feels his music being judged for what it is rather than being judged as an X Factor celebrity.

“Over in the States, they’re listening to my music instead of saying ‘Oh, he’s from the X Factor... whatever.’ I don’t get the credit I deserve.” Olly Murs continues, “So, it’s a really good thing for me. I’m able to come over (to the US) and be an artist – people are judging me on my abilities and my talent for my music.”

Olly Murs made his stateside live debut as opening act for One Direction. The five fellow X Factor contestants have since not just taken the US but equally the entire world by storm. Although those opposing the idea of a boyband and clean-cut pop actswouldn’t want to admit it but One Direction have since become the biggest band on the planet.

Looking at One Direction’s success, Olly Murs is under no illusions. He wants to build on his US success but doesn’t believe he can match One Direction.

“I don’t ever expect to reach the heights of One Direction,” he admits, “over here, but I believe I can be a success. And so far it’s going well. It’s been brilliant.”

One Direction Tickets 2014

British fans of One Direction are certainly proud their band is doing well across the pond but at the end of the day fans want to see their poster boys live on our shores.

Of course, everyone has heard the news by now: One Direction return for more concerts in 2014. In fact, the Where We Are 2014 World Tour will be the biggest tour ever undertaken by a boyband, shrinking even Take That’s gargantuan 2009 Progress Live tour!

One Direction tickets go on sale this Saturday, 25th May 2013 at 10am. Demand is never ending and despite the band opting to play in massive stadiums to accommodate as many fans as possible,fans are urged to be on their computers from 10am to increase their chance to snap up tickets.

How much are One Direction tickets 2014?

Ticket prices vary depending on which concert you are going to. One Direction Croke Park tickets start from EUR 59.50 (face value) while all UK concerts, including One Direction tickets Manchester and London One Direction tickets Wembley Stadium start from £42.50 (face value). Prices are without booking fees.

One Direction Where We Are 2014 Tour Dates:

May 2014
Dublin, Croke Park (Saturday, 24th May 2014)
Sunderland, Stadium of Light (Wednesday, 28th May 2014)
Manchester, Etihad Stadium (Saturday, 31st May 2014)

June 2014
Edinburgh, Murrayfield Stadium (Tuesday, 3rd June 2014)
London, Wembley Stadium(Saturday, 7th June 2014)

One Direction tickets will be available from Saturday on Ticketmaster and on GET ME IN! – Ticketmaster’s secure online ticket market.