McBusted Vs NKOTBSB Battle of the boy band supergroup
06 Dec 2013
McBusted Vs NKOTBSB Battle of the boy band supergroup
With McBusted causing a bit, a lot, of a storm in the pop world and the Backstreet Boys going on tour, we thought we would take a look at who makes the best boy band super-group.

McFly and Busted might be causing a riot by teaming up for a 30+ date UK tour but it was in 2011 when the Backstreet Boys and New Kids On The Block joined forces for a world tour.

The American boy bands united under the name NKOTBSB and the news that two of the most loved boy bands in American would tour together went down a storm. Their original American tour was quick to expand across the world.

World Vs the UK

McBusted have 35 dates across the UK and Ireland, oppose to NKOTBSB who only had eight UK and Ireland performances.

However, NKOTBSB went on a world tour unlike McBusted who seem to be sticking with the UK and Ireland. So NKOTBSB’s 82 date tour, which spanned across two years and four continents, does slightly out-do McBusted’s 35.

The name

With two bands joining forces a catchy and fun name is definitely needed. Busted and McFly brought McBusted to the table, whereas New Kinds On The Block and Backstreet Boys gave us NKOTBSB.

We have to admit that neither of the names are very original or inspiring but we think McBusted has the edge on this one. This is simply because you can actually say it.

Number of big hits

As one band is from the UK and the other is from America it’s not a completely fair playing field. As well as the fact that New Kids On The Block and Backstreet Boys have been around a for quite a bit longer than McFly and Busted.

McFly formed in 2003; Busted in 2002 but split in 2005; Backstreet Boys in 1993 and New Kids On The Block in 1984 who split in 1994 but then reformed in 2008.

Between McFly and Busted they’ve had 13 No.1 singles and two No.1 albums in the UK. Together NKOTBSB only have a total of three No.1 singles and just the one album in the top spot in the UK Official Charts.

Despite this, the Backstreet Boys did sell over 130 million records worldwide – making them the bestselling boy band in history.


Only time will tell how the McBusted tour goes down – if they’ll stop adding dates, if they’ll add more, if they’ll become McBusted forever.

What we do know is that NKOTBSB released a compilation album and single. Their tour also made it onto Billboard’s annual Top 25 Tours list reaching position number 17.

McBusted seem to be doing pretty well so far but we do have to admit NKOTBSB definitely showed them how a boy band super-group tour should be done!

While we wait to see what lasting effect McBusted will have you can catch McBusted on tour in 2014 with tickets here. While Backstreet Boys are also touring in 2014 with the reunited All Saints. For details and tickets click here.