ACDC Rock or Bust album reviews
16 Dec 2014
ACDC Rock or Bust album reviews
AC/DC have released their first studio album in six years, Rock or Bust, and the reviews are in.

Rock or Bust is the first album from AC/DC since 2008’s Black Ice, which was a huge success debuting at No.1 in 26 countries, and is the first not to feature founding member Malcolm Young on rhythm guitar.

Malcolm is suffering from dementia and has been replaced by his nephew Stevie Young. He was last seen touring with the group in 1988.

As the band’s first release in six years, the album has got the music world talking. The NY Daily News gave the group four out of five stars saying, “The new songs again prove what a broad array of variations can be found within the narrowest m.o. In the same way Eskimos have a hundred words for snow, AC/DC has countless ways to stagger its riffs and stutter its beats.”

While The Guardian offered the group three stars saying, “So If this is to be the last AC/DC album then they have not disgraced themselves.

The Telegraph agreed with The Guardian offering another three stars, “Although what follows isn’t all as good as the opener, it’s solid, vertebrae-jolting stuff, often recycling old themes and melodies. The lyrics are still for schoolboys: one of the slyer riffs appears on a song titled Emission Control. Any fan will tell you that AC/DC are best enjoyed live in a wild fug of sweat and beer.”

While NME offered the band 7/10 and summed up the album as, “A crisp musical wrecking ball that lays to one side the Aussie rockers' recent controversy and tragedy. A creative endeavour, ‘Rock Or Bust’ is ninety-nine per cent perspiration, nought per cent inspiration and one per cent raw chutzpah.”

Rock or Bust is an album that is the essence of AC/DC. The group will tour in support of the record during 2015. Their tour will include just three dates in the UK and Ireland in London, Dublin and Glasgow. Tickets go on general sale on Wednesday 17 December.

AC/DC tour dates 2015

June 2015
Hampden Park, Glasgow (18)

July 2015
Aviva Stadium, Dublin (1)
Wembley Stadium, London (4)