Girl Drops Paternity Charge Against Justin Bieber
16 Nov 2011
Girl Drops Paternity Charge Against Justin Bieber
What is better than one Justin Bieber? Two, of course, and for a while it looked like another Baby Bieber would be with us. But today, Mariah Yeater (20), the girl accusing Justin Bieber of being her four-months old baby son’s dad, has dropped the paternity suit against the teen-idol and has also lost her legal representatives.

Justin Bieber, who is going out with fellow teen-idol actress and singer. Selena Gomez, revealed the couple is dealing with pressure, such as the fatherhood accusation by ignoring the press.

“Both Selena and myself have had to get used to this stuff; it’s part of being in the industry,” explains Justin Bieber “It’s not right that we have to get used to it, but it’s one of those things you need to accept. We’ve both learned to ignore the rubbish that comes out.”

Since shooting to fame two years ago, aged 15 with his debut “My World,” the Global teen-superstar with his squeaky-clean public image has been dealing with a barrage of accusations and his critics and cynics are constantly waiting for anything to throw at him.

For all the wrong reasons, Justin Bieber’s name has topped Google searches and Twitter discussions several times in his young career. Often instigated by vicious Internet Bloggers, on the Web Bieber has been reported killed in a car accident, having syphilis and his Last.FM profile image was swopped to a pornographic picture. These and other bizarre stories have fuelled the headlines in addition of actual footage of him walking into glass doors and stumbling over his own foot in front of flashing press camera lenses.

All this hasn’t stopped Biebermania and his last UK tour was a success with the entire Justin Bieber tickets allocation selling out in minutes.