Kate Bush Hints At Possible Live Return
07 Dec 2011
Kate Bush Hints At Possible Live Return
Kate Bush has hinted at performing live again in the future.

The “Wuthering Heights” star last performed in public over 30 years ago, during her only-ever tour.

Kate Bush, who’s angelic voice can be heard on such classic tracks as “Babooshka” or “Hounds of Love” amongst many more hasn’t toured or sung in public since “The Tour Of Life’” that followed the success of “Wuthering Heights” – a song that has since become her trademark tune.

Talking to Mojo Magazine, Kate Bush (52) explains her reluctance to perform live.

“It was enormously enjoyable. But physically it was absolutely exhausting,” she continues, “I still don’t give up hope completely that I’ll be able to do some live work, but it’s certainly not in the picture at the moment because I just don’t quite know how that would work with how my life is now,” said Bush, who has largely withdrawn from public life to bring up her son Bertie, 12. “

Offering hope of Kate Bush live in concert, she reveals: “Maybe I will do some shows some day. I’d like to think so before I get too ancient – turn up with me Zimmer frame. (…) I enjoy singing but with the albums it’s the whole process I find so interesting. If I was going to do some shows it would be the same thing. Let’s just see, shall we?”

Kate Bush is set to release “The Director’s Cut,” her first new album in more than five years. “The Director’s Cut” is a collection of reworked songs off her classic albums, “The Sensual World” and “The Red Shoes.”