Lana Del Rey On Babysitting And Her New Album
30 Jan 2012
Lana Del Rey On Babysitting And Her New Album
Today, 30th January 2012, the much talked about Lana Del Rey album "Born To Die" is finally seeing the day of light and her critics can judge the pop phenomenon by her talent.

Her singles “Born To Die” and the YouTube sensation “Video games” are both still going strong in the UK Top 20.

Despite her sudden fame, Lana Del Rey has confessed to lead a relatively ‘down-to earth’ lifestyle. “I still have the same babysitting job.” Lana, aka Lizzy Grant reveals, “I babysit twice a week. When I'm here… that's what I do, because it's something I've been doing for a while. But I've been travelling a lot.”

We’re not sure if she still accepts any more babysitting job offers but you can now get her album, “Born To Die” and play her soothing voice to your little ones. The 12-track album features the aforementioned singles, as well as the "Video games” b-side track, “Blue Jeans.”

“Born to Die” is Lana’s second album. Her 13-track debut, the eponymously titled “Lana Del Rey” was quietly released in 2010 but failed to make an impact. Lana Del Rey has secured the publishing rights to the songs on the album and is determined to re-release the album sometime this year and embark on her first full-length UK tour.