Chris Martin Calls Mylo Xyloto A Disaster
06 Mar 2012
Chris Martin Calls Mylo Xyloto A Disaster
Chris Martin has figured out what many instantly knew: The title of Coldplay’s most recent album “Mylo Xyloto” is a bit rubbish.

Calling it a “disaster” might be a bit harsh but that’s what Coldplay frontman Chris Martin now thinks about his latest album title. The idea of inventing a new name, two words that previously couldn’t be found on search engines, such as Google, was on paper a clever idea but it seems to have backfired at the band.

Coldplay fans around the world have complained they struggle to pronounce the name and worse, can’t find it on the Internet. Yet, Chris Martin’s idea of using "two words that you couldn't even google" didn’t seem to keep the album from hitting the sales charts at #1. So what is the Coldplay singer really concerned about?

What’s interesting is that the two words aren’t even that unique. “Mylo” isn’t miles from “Milo,” Nestle’s long-selling kids chocolate drink and in many ways could be described as being as exciting as Coldplay’s last studio effort.

One might wonder if Chris Martin’s latest collection of stadium sing-a-alongs was inspired while on a wild “Milo” night out with his band mates.