U2 Working WIth One Direction Songwriter
04 Apr 2012
U2 Working WIth One Direction Songwriter
Never shy of delivering eyebrow raising news stories, Bono and his mates in U2 have teamed up with One Direction songwriter in order to get back into the charts.

Contrary to The Sun, it is fair to say, the Irish superstars certainly don’t aim to reinvent themselves as a boygroup.

The story is quite bizarre and if One Direction’s hit songwriter Carl Falk wouldn’t have slip he’s working with U2, the story could have easily been an April fools joke.

Falk remained tight-lipped and cryptically slip: “There's a long way to go but we are doing something with U2.”

U2 frontman Bono Vox told fans his band would have to clean up their act to stay relevant and return back to the singles and album charts. U2 premiered a few new songs on their 360 Tour but none of these songs has since seen the light of day.

Known for taking their time in the studio, Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen started work on the new album soon after the last tour was completed. U2 have since worked with various current producers, such as Dangermouse and RedOne. Black Eyed Peas rapper and judge on the reality TV show “The Voice,” Will.I.Am has previously worked with U2 on some material on “No Line On The Horizon” and the Irish rocker want to explore pop production influences on their music further.

U2’s last album remains 2009’s “No Line On The Horizon.” Despite disappointing sales – at least judged against U2’s usually astronomic sale figures, “No Line On The Horizon” was an ambitious album and with songs such as “Magnificent,” “Moment of Surrender” and the title track “No Line on The Horizon” spawned some of U2’s finest material.

The band’s subsequent tour for the album, the 360 World Tour took the band almost 3 years and ranks as the highest-grossing tour of all time and featured one of the largest live productions ever lugged around the globe.