The Voice Vs X Factor
01 May 2012
The Voice Vs X Factor
It’s a tough competition for the top spot in the ratings war between ITV1’s The X-Factor and BBC’s The Voice.

Now it seems the BBC may have got the edge over its rival, with axed singer Sam Buttery revealing that the final acts are a paid a wage and have living expenses paid (by the taxpayer). The contestants also only have to share with a couple of other finalists compared to The X-Factor where all the finalists have to share one place, and aren’t paid for their time.

Sir Tom Jones voted for Sam Buttery to get voted off and favoured duo Matt and Sueleen instead. He said: “What I think is that Sam and Matt and Sueleen are great entertainers and it’s very difficult because they are so different.

“But I can only judge it on last night’s performance. And I think I’m going to take Matt and Sueleen.”

Heartbroken Sam Buttery who sang Erasure’ “A Little Respect” went onto say “They give you expenses money, money for food and a fee for performing and it’s in the interests of fairness. There is a professionalism to the show. We don’t get paid a lot but it’s a gesture. It makes you feel valued. I haven’t been left feeling exploited or anything.”

Sir Tom Jones comforted the fallen contestant after he chose Matt and Suellen’s Go Your Own Way’ by Fleetwood Mac, and Sam Buttery revealed he couldn’t have asked for a better mentor than Tom. Buttery gushed “Tom was the only one who turned around but I wanted Tom because I loved him to pieces and I was glad he turned around.

“If he hadn’t I’d have made a fool of myself, because I’d said I wanted him loads to the cameras before I auditioned.

Keep tuned to find out who will be crowned The Voice!