Jessie J To Quit The Voice
23 May 2012
Jessie J To Quit The Voice
Jessie J has thrown the future of her part in The Voice into doubt after it emerged that the singer’s new 2013 UK and Ireland Tour clashes with the filming of the second series of The Voice.

The "Do It Like A Dude" singer has even been offered double pay - £400K, but it seems that Jessie J is desperate to get back to recording her own music as it emerged that the 24 year old was unhappy with claims that she is too much of a “diva” to work with. She told a friend “Maybe it’s time for album No.2 and a lot less bull. I can’t seem to win. I’m not sure I want to come back to this.”

A source sad “The show is in turmoil and needs to keep somebody like Jessie who attracts kids who will vote. Danny’s told Jessie he wants her back and he can offer her more. He is aware she is not happy with the show and the backlash against her.

“She just thinks maybe it’s best that she concentrates on her second album and doesn’t get too wrapped up in The Voice... especially if it’s damaging her reputation. Jessie doesn’t need to make a decision yet but she’s considering her options. She doesn’t want people to forget she’s a singer.”

Other people working on The Voice are not even sure that the show will survive another series with ratings for the show falling sharply over the last few weeks.

Jessie J yesterday announced her 'Nice To Meet You' tour with 12 UK arena dates in 2013.

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