Girls Aloud And The Saturdays Supergroup
28 May 2012
Girls Aloud And The Saturdays Supergroup
The Saturday’s Frankie Sandford adds new hope to the Girls Aloud reunion rumour mill.

It seems every week new Girls Aloud reunion rumours keep on popping up in the news. Today, The Saturdays’ Frankie Sandford admitted being a Girls Aloud fan and that she and the rest of her band would be excited to see Girls Aloud back together on stage. “We're so excited,” says Frankie “because obviously (Girls Aloud) started us off and we went on their tour.” Reminiscing about the good old times, Frankie explains: “When we were watching their shows, we thought it was amazing. So it would be great if they got back together and did a tour or something. We'd love to go. It just would be nice to see them all back together.”

Asked if The Saturdays would consider teaming up with Cheryl Cole’s Girls Aloud, Frankie Sandford replied: “Imagine - there'd be loads of us.”

The latest news on a possible Girls Aloud reunion is that music production team Xenomania started work on new Girls Aloud tracks. Xenomania have written and produced for Girls Aloud in the past and also worked on top-selling singles and albums for Sugababes, Pet Shop Boys and Kyle Minogue amongst many more.

Girls Aloud member Nadine Coyle hinted at a possible reunion of her best-selling girl group for their 10th band anniversary.