Interview With The Gaslight Anthem Bassist Alex Levine
02 Jul 2012
Interview With The Gaslight Anthem Bassist Alex Levine
Fresh from their latest album offering ‘Handwritten’ Alex Levine, bassist for The Gaslight Anthem talked candidly to NY Concert Examiner about the plight of the festival scene, corporate sponsorship and what’s coming up.

Asked what he thought about playing at Bamboozle Festival and corporate take-over on the festival circuit:

“…These festivals sometimes take the personality out of the place they're in. There's all these advertising things and then a stage and what not.

“…We always have a running joke when we're in Europe. We'll be on a side of a stage at 2pm about to go on saying "We could be in Norway, or New Jersey or Spain right now."

On The Gaslight Anthem tickets hysteria:

“Honestly, we're not so much surprised as excited. Because when you put up tickets to any show you can't expect for it to sell out. Especially when it's not in your hometown. We haven't played some of these places in a long time. We kinda went into it like "Maybe they just don't know who we are? Or they don't want to see us?" You never know. It's just exciting that all those shows are selling out. It's pretty great.”

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