Soundgarden Discuss New Album King Animal
17 Oct 2012
Soundgarden Discuss New Album King Animal
Soundgarden are back with their first album King Animal since they reunified in 2010.

After the band’s major breakup in 1997, frontman Chris Cornell took a sabbatical and pursued his own solo album Scream, produced by Timbaland.

Soundgarden last released ‘Down on the Upside' 16 years ago, before the band members went their separate ways.

Guitarist Kim Thayil said in an interview how the band tried to “manage ourselves democratically” but explained that it was difficult when each member wanted to do their own thing.

Speaking about their time apart and coming together for their new album, Kim Thayil explained the band had approached their new album with a fresh outlook "We didn't forget how we worked with each other and how we record. We still used those techniques, even though we couldn't ignore how technology is different now. But there is a different focus and maturity to what we're doing now.”

Chris Cornell splits his time between his two abodes – LA and Paris, with drummer Matt Cameron and bassist Ben Shepherd in Seattle.

You can check out Soundgarden’s new single, taken from their new album on YouTube below.

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