Wimbledon Increases Prize Fund And Plans To Build Roof
24 Apr 2013
Wimbledon Increases Prize Fund And Plans To Build Roof
With Wimbledon beginning in exactly two months, things are hotting up to be another sensational season of tennis.

The All-England Club has announced that the total prize fund has increased by 40% from last year, and will now be £22.6 million. Both female and male singles’ winners will receive £1.6 million each.

Philip Brook, Chairman of All-England Club, was interviewed by the BBC, and revealed why the prize fund was increased:

"When we made our prize money announcement last year, there was a focus on players who lost in qualifying or in the early rounds of our championships," he said.

"These are players who are not multi-millionaires. They are players who are probably in the top 50 to 200 in the world.

"We wanted to do more for those players."

Brook continued to explain the “Wimbledon needed to remain competitive” and added that plans to build a new all-purpose roof would be a welcome addition:

"In modern times, you need to have live sport all the time".

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