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RBS Six Nations

Eagerly awaited and thoroughly enjoyed by all rugby fans in the Northern Hemisphere, the rugby Six Nations is an annual tournament taking place between February and April. It's the longest running rugby championship in the world. Starting life in 1882 as the Four Nations, the tournament featured Ireland, Wales, England and Scotland at that time. In 1910 France joined the competition, making it the Five Nations and more recently, Italy joined in 2000 making it the Six Nations. The Six Nations incorporates a longer-standing competition between England and Scotland - the Calcutta Cup - originally competed for in 1879. The Calcutta Cup gets its name from the original game, held in Calcutta on Christmas Day 1872 between England and a team comprised of players from Ireland, Wales and Scotland. The next year the Calcutta Football Club was formed as gentlemen stationed in India wished to form a rugby club and the year after (1874) the Calcutta Football Club officially joined the RFU (Rugby Football Union). The life of the Calcutta Football Club was short, it disbanded after only six years, the club withdrew their funds from the bank and had the rupees melted down to make the Calcutta cup that we know now. When England and Scotland compete in the Six Nations, the winner gains possession of the Calcutta Cup until the next year when ownership is again decided in the Six Nations tie between the two countries.