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Guns N' Roses Tickets

Guns N' Roses Tickets

Guns N' Roses

The original Guns N' Roses line up are currently touring the US and have announced dates for Japan and Australia in 2017. Could Europe be next?

Updated: 22 November 2016

Guns N' Roses Return To The UK
Updated: 1st March 2012

Guns N’ Roses return to the UK with initially seven shows confirmed for May 2012.
Launching their tour in Nottingham on 19th May, Axl Roses and his Guns N' Roses play arena shows in Liverpool, Newcastle, Glasgow, Birmingham, Manchester and ending their UK trip in London.

Axl Rose and his band mates are currently writing and recording material for the follow-up to their last album “Chinese Democracy.” The tour will give band and fans the chance to test drive new songs as well as hear some of Guns N’ Roses classic tunes, as the band’s trademark songs “Welcome to the Jungle,” “”November Rain,” “Sweet Child o’ Mine.”

Despite the many lineup changes over the years, Axl Rose and his Guns n' Roses remain one of the best live acts you could possible see live. Paradise City, Welcome To The Jungle, Mr Brownstone and November Rain amongst many more guarantee to bring the house down when Axl and his G'n'R compadres take to the stage.

Guns N' Roses have gone through various line-ups since the band formed in Los Angeles in the mid 80’s. The original line-up of GN’R featured Axl Rose, Slash, Izzy Stradlin, Duff McKagan and Steven Adler.

Guns N' Roses wore their influences proudly on their sleeves and crashed onto the scene with an explosive mix of punk rock, heavy metal, blues-rock and classic rock in the vein of The Rolling Stones, The New York Dolls or Iggy and The Stooges.

The band quickly gained a reputation for their energetic live performances and while all band members contributed to the sound and image of Guns N' Roses, it was Axl Rose and guitar hero par-excellence, Slash, who formed the band’s creative and visual nucleus.

GNR’s frontman, Axl Rose’s wild stage antics, eccentric behaviour and flamboyant outfits made him the instant rock star. No stage was too big and no crowd too large. Axl Rose controlled the fans like a conductor his orchestra.

On par with Axl was Slash. The ever cool axe shredder who reinvented the image of a guitar God with his trademark shades, leather jacket, floppy long hair, top hat and half-burnt cigarette. On top of that Slash churned out killer riffs by the truckload and it shouldn’t come as surprise that his image has been licensed and used for the Guitar Hero game. 20 years on and Guns N' Roses and Slash are still considered the ultimate Rock n’ Roll band and it brings Slash’s cool to a whole new generation of rock and music fans.

The band arrived with their debut album Appetite For Destruction in 1987 and took the world by storm. Appetite For Destruction was awarded 18x Platinum with worldwide record sales in excess of 28 million, making Guns N' Roses’s debut the best-selling debut album of all time. Appetite For Destruction features the rock anthems Welcome To The Jungle, Paradise City, Mr. Brownstone and the song that should become the band’s trademark tune, Sweet Child O’ Mine.

Guns N' Roses followed their debut with GN’R Lies the following year. Compared to its predecessor, GN’R Lies made less of an impact but still sold an impressive 5 million copies. The album has bluesy, acoustic overtones and features the standout acoustic track Patience.

The band’s infamous excessive rollercoaster lifestyle and a busy touring schedule delayed the next Guns N' Roses album by 3 years. When the band finally returned with new material the fans’ patience was awarded with no less than 2 albums with brand new material. Use Your Illusion I and its twin-album Use Your Illusion II brought the band back into the charts. The two albums feature a number of Guns N' Roses classics, such as the stadium rock ballads Don’t Cry, November Rain, title track for the Terminator 2 movie, You Could Be Mine, Civil War and the cover versions of Live And Let Die or Knocking On Heaven’s Door.

Guns N' Roses were on top of the world in 1991 and Use Your Illusion I & II were grand ideas executed on an even bigger scale. Both albums have been awarded 7x Platinum and took the band on the mammoth Use Your Illusion World Tour.

The Use Your Illusion era marks the band’s high point and 1993’s The Spaghetti Incident, a collection of cover versions, marked the last Guns N' Roses album with Slash, Matt Sorum and Duff McKagan in the line-up and sold remarkably less than any other Guns N' Roses studio release.

Internal differences mainly between Slash and Axl Rose led to Slash departure from Guns N' Roses in 1996. This led to a long hiatus during which Guns N' Roses led a phantom-like existence with new members being drafted in and replaced and rumours about new songs for a new studio album.

Axl Rose brought Guns N' Roses finally back as a live band in 2001 but it took another seven years for the long-awaited follow-up to be released. 15 years after Guns N' Roses’s last studio album, Chinese Democracy finally saw the light of day in 2008. The album sold in excess of 5 million copies worldwide and has taken Guns n' Roses several times back on the road.


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Guns N' Roses Tickets