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Katie Melua Tickets

Katie Melua Tickets

Katie Melua

Katie Melua tours the UK with the Gori women’s choir. See her in the likes of London, Birmingham and Southampton.
Katie Melua 2016 tour
Updated: 3 March 2016

Katie Melua heads out on a tour of the UK where she’ll be joined by the 23-piece Gori women’s choir.

Katie Melua will start her live dates on 23 November in Guildford. Touring through the country, Katie Melua’s final tour dates will take place on 3 December in Glasgow.

Katie Melua’s tour dates are 24 November in Bristol, 25 November in Southampton, 27 November in London, 28 November in Leicester, 29 November in Liverpool, 1 December in Birmingham and 2 December in Manchester.


Katie Melua Tickets - United Kingdom

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Katie Melua Tickets

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