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L7 Tickets


Grunge, rock group L7 tour to the UK during September, playing shows in Manchester, Glasgow and London.
L7 UK tour
Updated:23 June 2016

After reuniting in 2014, L7 have confirmed a short UK tour for September 2016.

The American rock group, who formed in LA in 1985, will play shows in Manchester, Glasgow and London from 10 to 13 September.

Part of the grunge movement during the ‘80s, L7 have released six albums. Their first was 1988’s self-titled debut. This was followed by 1990’s Smell The Magic and 1992’s Bricks Are Heavy.

Hungry For Stink was delivered in 1994, which was soon followed by The Beauty Process: Triple Platinum. L7’s final studio album came in 1999 titled Slap-Happy. It was their last release before the band stopped touring in 2001.


L7 Tickets - United Kingdom

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