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Pearl Jam Tickets

Pearl Jam

Pearl Jam to play Leeds and Milton Keynes
Updated: 13 December 2013

Pearl Jam are to play two concerts in the UK as part of their European tour. Pearl Jam will play at Leeds’ First Direct Arena on 8 July and then at Milton Keynes Bowl on 11 July.

Pearl Jam tour dates

July 2014
First Direct Arena, Leeds (8)
Milton Keynes Bowl (11)

The two UK dates are part of Pearl Jam’s European tour that sees the band perform their latest album, Lightning Bolt.

Lightning Bolt is the band’s tenth album and has landed Pearl Jam their fifth US No.1. The album, which debuted at No.2 in the UK charts, is their first album in four years.

About Pearl Jam

Formed in 1990, Pearl Jam is one of grunge musics’ icons. From Seattle, USA, which is arguably the birthplace of grunge, Pearl Jam has gone on to become one of the US’s most successful bands.

Currently the band comprises of original members Eddie Vedder, Stone Gossard, Jeff Ament, Mike McCready and Matt Cameron who joined the band in 1998.

The band was formed in 1990 when guitarist Stone Gossard and bassist Jeff Ament got together with Mike McCready and Matt Cameron to produce a demo. Gossard and Ament were originally in the band Mother Love Bone until the singer, Andrew Wood, overdosed on heroin in 1990.

The demo made its way to Eddie Vedder, who became their lead singer, and Dave Krusen was recruited as the drummer. Cameron, who would become the longest surviving drummer in the band, was committed to the band Soundgarden at time.

With Krusen, Pearl Jam recorded their first album Ten that was released on 27 August 1991. The album was a success. It stayed in the US chart, Billboard, for two years and went 13x platinum. Their influence on the grunge scene had started.

Krusen left the band in 1991 and, following extensive touring, in 1993 Pearl Jam released their follow-up album Vs. This time with drummer Dave Abbruzzese. Pearl Jam recorded Vitalogy, which was released in 1994, with Abbruzzese before he left the band. Both albums did extremely well.

After Abbruzzese left, Pearl Jam released No Code that spawned the hits Who You Are, Hail, Hail and Off He Goes with drummer Jack Irons. The band’s sound was beginning to grow and change from their earlier albums.

1998 saw more changes and more successful albums for the band. Soungarden’s Matt Cameron joined and they released the album Yield. Along with Yield, the band also released their first charity compilation in the same year; No Boundaries: A Benefit for the Kosovar Refugees.

Two years later, after a successful Yield tour, the band released Binaural in May 2000, 2002 saw the release of their seventh album Riot Act.

Pearl Jam’s drummers

Despite drumming on the original demo, Matt Cameron didn’t join the official line up of the band until 1998.

Prior to Cameron, Dave Krusen was the drummer from 1990 to 1991 – he recorded their first album, Ten, before having to check into rehabilitation and leave the band. After Krusen, there was a brief stint by drummer Matt Chamberlain who toured with them in 1991.

Matt Chamberlain recruited Dave Abbruzzese who joined in 1991. Dave toured extensively with the band following the release of Ten, performed on the second album Vs and third album Vitalogy. Dave’s contribution to the band was prominent. He wrote the music for the hits Go, Last Exit and Angel but, despite this, Dave was fired in 1994 due to personality clashes.

Jack Irons was the replacement in 1994 and lasted until 1998. Jack, who was responsible for finding singer Vedder in the first place, played on their fourth album No Code. However, after a tour in Hawaii and Australia, Jack left the band and current drummer, Matt Cameron, took his place.


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Pearl Jam Tickets