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The Human League Tickets

The Human League Tickets

The Human League

The Human League head out on a nationwide tour during November and December 2016. Check out if they’re visiting you and book your tickets below.
The Human League UK tour
Updated: 28 January 2016

The Human League will tour the UK during November and December playing 15 concerts up and down the country.

Starting in Llandudno on 23 November, The Human League’s tour will come to a close on 16 December in Nottingham.

The band’s tour will visit Bournemouth, Cardiff, Southend-on-Sea, Leicester, Bristol, Newcastle, Cambridge, Brighton, Birmingham, Plymouth, Liverpool, York, Nottingham and Manchester.

About The Human League

The Human League redefined music as we know it when they brandished their electronic weapons of mass consumption in 1977. This year the electro-pop trio will return with a nationwide tour, emphasising why they were a key pioneer in the evolution of pop music.

The Human League have sold over 20 million records worldwide and established their selves as a household name with their pinnacle hit Don’t You Want Me, clocking up 20 million US radio plays.

Now’s your chance to scream the heartfelt lyrics of their all-time greatest hits at your unaffectionate other or back at the band that have inspired millions when The Human League take to the road this year.


The Human League Events - United Kingdom

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The Human League Events

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