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Back with their new album, Everything At Once, Travis take to the road during May 2016.
Travis UK tour
Updated: 28 January 2016

Scotland’s Travis have confirmed a UK tour for May 2016, which will follow the release of Everything At Once.

Starting where the band formed in 1990, Travis will head to Glasgow for a gig on 6 May. The tour will continue to Manchester, London, Birmingham, Newcastle, Leeds, Leicester, Bournemouth and Bristol.

Post-Britpop band Travis are credited as the inspiration behind bands like Coldplay and Keane with albums like 1997’s Good Feeling, 1999’s The Man Who and 2001’s The Invisible Band.

After a hiatus, Travis triumphantly returned with Where You Stand in 2013. Now fans have the chance to hear songs from Everything At Once and their older classics during the group’s May tour.


Travis Events - United Kingdom

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Travis Events

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