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Van Morrison Tickets

Van Morrison Tickets

Van Morrison

Van Morrison UK tour
Updated: 23 July 2014

Van Morrison plays a series of UK shows in 2014. The legendary, eccentric Irish R’n’B composer, soul singer and poet will play dates in London this autumn.

Van Morrison will head to the Royal Albert Hall on 28 October where he will perform at the stunning venue as part of BluesFest 2014.

The following month sees ‘Van Morrison: An Evening Of His Own Words & Music’ take place on 17 November at London’s Lyric Theatre.

About Van Morrison

The former lead vocalist of 60’s R’n’B group, Them, Van Morrison plays a combination of raw R’n’B and wide-eyed soul. He has been credited for inventing ‘Celtic Soul’ and Van The Man, as his fans often refer to him, has built an equal reputation for being one of the finest song smiths of our times as well as his infamous eccentric and distinctive behaviour.

Van Morrison started his career playing in various show bands in his hometown of Belfast in Northern Ireland. By the mid 1960’s Van Morrison formed the garage-rock group Them, who went on to become one of the foremost R’n’B outfits at the time. Them were part of the so-called British Invasion of bands, such as The Beatles, The Rolling Stones or The Animals, who became successful in the US during the mid-60’s.

Them’s legacy includes the 1964 single ‘Gloria’, which became a classic and has been covered by legends ranging from The Doors and Jimi Hendrix to Patti Smith and U2.

After leaving Them, Van Morrison steadily established himself as successful acclaimed solo performer and critically acclaimed recording artist. His first forays as a solo artist were a string of pop-orientated singles such as Brown Eyed Girl.

Van Morrison quickly progressed from the '45' pop-format to a more matured and respected songwriter with releases including Astral Weeks and Moondance.

Van Morrison’s excellent back catalogue has earned him several awards, including no less than 6 Grammys and the introduction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Check out the forthcoming Van Morrison tour dates and secure your Van Morrison UK tickets.


Van Morrison Tickets - United Kingdom

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Van Morrison Tickets

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