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Six Day London Tickets

Six Day London Tickets

Six Day London

The most elite, world-class track cycling event returns to London's iconic velodrome this October. The Six Day Race takes place from 25 - 30 October 2016.

Six Day Racing Tickets
Updated: 22 August 2016

This year's Six Day racing competition will once again feature multiple races across six exciting evenings.
How it works? Teams of two riders will compete across a variety of sprint and endurance disciplines, accumulating points as they go. There are several types of races which take place across the event.
The Races
The backbone of Six Day Racing, the Madison is usually the opening and closing race of the evening. A highly skillful race, where teams ride in pairs.
Unlike other disciplines in the competition, the Elimination Race focuses on the back of the race. The last rider over the line per every two laps is eliminated. This continues until only two teams are left and leads to an exciting cat and mouse sprint to the finish.
The Derny is characterised by high speeds and quick changes in pace. One rider from each of the top eight teams lines up behind a motor-pacer piloting a specially designed moped or ‘derny’ for a straight race to the finish line.
During the Super Sprint - similar to the Elimination Race - teams must stay near the front to avoid exclusion. Unlike the Elimination Race, however six teams remain to fight for maximum points.
The Team Time Trial is all about speed - and the perfect hand-sling. The team with the fastest time earns maximum points. The first rider will attempt to get up to top speed giving their teammate the speed advantage.


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Six Day London Tickets