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Twenty20 Final Tickets

Twenty20 Final Tickets

Twenty20 Final

In June 2003, the idea to introduce a shortened, more explosive, action packed version of the Cricket game came to life with the first official Twenty20 Final matches being played. A sport that was dwindling in audiences instantaneously became a more exciting, fast paced game that was instantly accessible to audiences and a hit amongst Cricket fans.

As England and Wales’s counties battle it out, you can become part of a game that demands excruciating levels of speed, strength, agility and reaction time in order to survive. With this modern and concise version of Cricket, as each team pitches a single innings, you’re sure to witness teams go all out in a bid to gain the most points to secure their survival in the cup. Needless to say you will be guaranteed of a dull moment free experience, as these adrenaline induced, nail bighting tension battles take place. You can now get your Twenty20 Final tickets for the Twenty20 Final Finals at Southampton The Rose Bowl.

Will anyone join the century club of the Twenty20 Final cup, which already has 28 elite members? Or will the Sussex Sharks become the first ever county to win consecutive titles? Don’t miss out on your chance to witness the Twenty20 Final with Twenty20 Final tickets and be a part of Cricket history in the making.


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Twenty20 Final Tickets