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Cirque du Soleil Tickets

Cirque du Soleil Tickets

Cirque du Soleil

A circus with a twist; acrobats and performer woo audiences with dizzying circus and busking acts, beautiful opera, ballet, world and rock music. Performances are natured themed and does not invlove animals. Experience Cirque du Soleil: A global success that continues to amaze audiences around the globe.


Cirque du Soleil Tickets - United Kingdom

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Cirque du Soleil Gossip

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    Cirque du Soleil star charged with murder

    12 Jan 2011

    A Cirque du Soleil star has appeared in a Las Vegas court charged with the murder of a Las Vegas burlesque dancer. Jason Omar Griffith, who appeared in the Beatles-based Cirque du Soleil show "Love", is accused of murdering his ex-girlfriend after an argument.

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